Amateurs Tournament Season 1
Tournament director : ZATY

Amateurs Tournament 400x400

CPL Rules and Guidelines can be found here

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Scrimmage (Round 1) 

Time : March 1st to March 15th

Ranks : Settler and/or Chieftain

15 points needed to advance to the next round Player’s total points will determine seed number when scheduling Qualifier games

Qualifiers (Round 2)

Time : March 16th to March 23rd

Only players that have earned 15 or more points during Round 1 will be allowed to play

Top 10 players will advance to the next round

In-game votes require all but 1 to pass

Championship (Final Round)

Time : March 24th to March 31st

The top 10 available players who have participated in the tournament

7 days to complete (1 scheduled game hosted by Moderator/approved casters)

In-game votes (irrel, scrap, etc.) require an unanimous vote to pass

Rise & Fall and Gathering Storm expansions are required

Begins March 1st 2020

Round 1: March 1st to March 15th

Round 2: March 16th to March 23rd

Final Round: March 24th to March 31st

Championship Awards:

1st – Champion: +100 additional Rank Points

2nd – Runner-Up: +50 additional Rank Points

3rd – Runner: +25 additional Rank Points

In Game Settings

All Games:

FFA – 8 Player minimum

Game Duration – Unlimited (Required)

Mods – BBG, BBS, Fast Dynamic Turn Timer (Required)

All Victory conditions – Allowed Duplicate Civilizations – Allowed


Each game is determined by players


Game Mode – Diplo+

Friends/Allies – 1

Gold, Luxuries, & Strategics Gifting/Trading – Friend/Ally

Map Type – Pangeea

World Age – New

Resources – Abundant

Draft Trading – Not Allowed

Civ Bans – Determined by players


Game Mode – Diplo+

Friends/Allies – 0

Gold, Luxuries, & Strategics Gifting/Trading – Not Allowed

Map Type – Pangea

World Age – New

Resources – Standard

Draft Trading – Allowed

Civ Bans – Determined by players