HUMANKIND Closed Beta | TheCivShow Podcast

Moy tries the HUMANKIND Closed Beta and is impressed with the current state of the game. He goes in depth with the differences between Civilization and HUMANKIND, and how HUMANKIND is ahead of Civilization in certain parts of the game.
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Segway99,  NileMatotle, KiwiMulletboy, and ninthant!
2 history buffs and 1 tech guy, all with a singular  purpose to entertain you with Civilization content. MoySauce, Nystagmus,  and Razing Zozo are filled with information and entertainment as the 3  hosts talk about which Civilization Leader they would bring to Prom, why  Gilgamesh is so darn handsome, and who put that Spy in my land? As the  three talk about strategies used in their Sunday games, they are open to light hearted conversations and deep dive into some history facts!

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