• Ancient Era Start

Turns 01-80Unanimous
Turns 81-100All but 1
Turns 101+All but 2
  • Other Age Starts

Starting AgeAll but 1All but 2
Classical (40)91-115116+
Medieval (71)106-130131+
Renaissance (98)131-155156+
Industrial (128)156-180181+
Modern (158)176-200201+
Atomic (183)Always ironman
Info (208)Always ironman
    • – Basic Concede rules

      • – Games should be paused for voting during the final 20 seconds of a turn
      • – First place cannot initiate a CC and has no vote in the decision
      • – The person who initiates the CC vote is automatically a plus
        • The only time this is not true is during non-standard CC vote, like as a result of a quitter
      • – CC votes must be 10 turns apart, unless there is a potential game ending issue, like a quitter
      • – If 2 or more players tie for a position, everyone else moves up, potentially gaining vetoes. For example, if you are in 4th place, but 2 players above you tie, you will become 3rd place and gain a veto
      • – Ties and “leapfrogging” must be agreed upon by all affected parties, apart from someone being leapfrogged into first.
        • Leapfrogging is placing ahead of someone who is currently ahead, but likely to fall, in score rankings
      • – Ties for 1st place are discouraged and must be approved by a moderator
      • – If a city was captured this turn, players may not CC until next turn
      • – Vetoes

        • SCORE:
          • The players in 2nd and 3rd by score will both have a veto
        • SCIENCE: 
          • The player with the most science per turn will have a veto
          • The player with the most technologies researched will have a veto
          • Any player that has launched the earth satellite will have a veto
        • CULTURE
          • The player with the most foreign tourists will have a veto
          • Any player with tourism per turn over 500 will have a veto
        • MILITARY
          • The player with the highest military score will have a veto
        • RELIGION
          • Players who have converted more than 30% of civs will have a veto
        • DIPLOMACY:
          • Players who have more than 10 points will have a veto
        • – Team Specific Concede Rules

          • Requires a majority of the team to plus for the concede to pass
            • 50% is not a pass. It must be greater than 50% of the remaining players on the team
          • For multiple teams, use the table above and treat each team as a single + or – vote

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