News Update 8 10 2020

Announcement :

Congrats! We did it! We hit a pretty big milestone. A sincere thank you from all of us on the moderator team to all of you. Big props to @Probably Nolan for being the 10,000th member.


We have a new @Helper tag, which we will be giving out to select individuals who seem willing to help newer members of the community. This may include answering questions, taking some time to explain rules and or getting started in the league, etc.. If you think you deserve this tag, feel free to DM a moderator. If you are a new player and just want to pick someone’s brain or can’t get a response to your question, and don’t think it rises to the level or needing a Moderator, please tag a Helper.


If the vote passes, you may leave without penalty on the same turn it occurred or at the beginning of the following turn before making any other moves. Failure to leave within that time frame or making any moves on the following turn nullifies the vote and you must wait 10 turns before asking for another one.


If you take a city state and the turn rolls over with it in your possession, you are locked to that city state and will not be able to capture any others for the remainder of the game.


Games should be paused for voting during the last 20 seconds of the turn.

A 2 minute timer will begin while the game is paused, after the concede conditions have been clearly stated in text, and negotiations have concluded.

*Concede conditions being modified resets the 2 minute timer.

Players who have not voted after 2 minutes of the last concede conditions being stated in text will become pluses


The host will let you know if a vote has successfully ended the game. The FIRST player to leave without host approval may be subject to punishment if the vote or game was not over, as this tends to cause a chain effect of people leaving when they shouldn’t.

If host permission is received, and can be proven (get it in writing) then the responsibility for any improper concedes, scraps, irrelevancy votes lies with the host.

10k CPL City name v2

News Update 8 10 2020

Announcement : Congrats! We did it! We hit a pretty big milestone. A sincere thank you from all of us on the moderator team to all of you ...
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