Get ready for an explosive weekend of Civilization VI games !

Multiple communities will send their best players to take part in the new Clan Rivals League tournament.

The game types will be ranging from the usual FFA and 4v4’s to the fun modes that everyone likes, Red Death, Ironman’s and Anonymous mode.

Registration for the tournament ends on the 22nd of May.

Friday, May 28th, will be the start of the CRL with 3 big games!

A set of 4v4’s to be played between the clans starting from 1900 GMT.  In the upcoming hour we will have a reveal of the Free For All special map designed by our community contributors and representatives from the clans will race to the finish on it!

The last set of games of the day will be the duels ! In a 1v1 format, the clans will choose their champions and send them in battle against each other. Every point counts!

Saturday will be an extremely busy day for everyone involved! Starting from 1100 GMT we will have action packed games of 4v4’s and 2v2v2v2v2’s where the team matters!

Between these games we will get to see the players fight in the Red Death scenario, outlive everyone in the Ironman mode and pick their opponents leader in an epic Free For All.

We cannot really have a good, fun, tournament without the Free For Alls which will give the chance to the players to distinguish themselfs from others while in the Duels they can test that strenght directly against each other!

On Sunday, the clans will need to bring out their aces on the field and show us that they can overcome the challenges of an Insane Mode!

In the last Clan Championship Cup, the players enjoyed hiding behind a curtain and surprising their opponents, we will see a new Anonymous mode played out until a winner is declared!

Last but not least, a game type that was much loved in the previous CCC’s, the One City Challenge ! Who will build the best city in the game? Let’s find out together!

The Clan Rivals League is sponsored by Ironside Computers ! Custom built computers for your every day gaming needs !

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The points gathered through-out the tournament will count towards the upcoming edition of the Clan Championship Cup.

Want to know more about the rules ?
Check them out here:

Special game modes will have additional rules to ensure a level playfield for everyone.