Welcome to the 6th Clan Championship Cup for Civilization 6!

This summer, as the New Frontier is upon us for Civilization 6, many civilization clans wish to claim the Cup for 2020. 2019 was full of excitement and, as the CCC will celebrate soon its 15 years of existence, your time has come once again. We will soon find out who is worthy enough to claim the Cup! 4v4 team games, FFAs, fun events and 2v2 are expected during the 19th of June weekend

When does registration close?

You have until June 1st at midnight (New York time) to register your clan or confirm your clan’s participation. Follow #ccc-newsfeed for news and check out the schedule in ccc-standings once it’ll be available.

We officially now accept clan logos.

Please, submit your clan logo to a Moderator as soon as you can to help us build up some promotional material. I do know many can’t wait for the schedule, the points and the main weekend of the 19th of June as it’ll most probably be memorable!

How and when can I participate in the CCC?

The CCC main weekend is from the 19th of June until the 21st. To participate, you simply have to join a clan in CPL. You can also register your clan to participate and can also create your own clans with your friends to join in.

Over 3 days there may be around 12 FFAs requiring 1 player each time. Most probably 3 or 4 games of 2v2 requiring 2 players and 1 Ironman requiring 1 player (very long game).

There will also be the semi finals and finals of the 4v4 team games at 13:00 EST on Saturday and Sunday alongside a few other 4v4 rounds. The weekend should start around Friday evening and finish Sunday evening. If additional 4v4 rounds are required, we may add 1 game the Wednesday or Thursday evening as well.

There will be also some 2v2v2v2v2 games. At any given time, the average of simultaneous player required from your clan can vary from 0 to 6 averaging 3-4.

The event is theoretically designed to make it possible for 7-8 players to relay the games and compete throughout the whole weekend if they have the time, the will, the stamina and wish to play many games each.

This being said, we recommend at the moment 12 to 18 active players and to cover a few different time zones for more comfort. There is no limit to the amount of players that may participate.



  • BigFriends

  • HoK

  • SL

  • CivFR

  • ZoC

  • SmolPP

  • WFS

  • Russians

  • Civfr (ApĂ©ro)


  • Pangaea

  • Primordial

  • Seven Seas

  • Lakes

  • Continents & Islands


Special thanks to Firaxis for providing a diverse pack of goodies for our soon to be winners !