Better Balanced Game 5.6.x

Global Changes

Game Mechanics & General Changes

Districts, Buildings, and Improvements

Discounting: Production discount on specialty districts reduced to 35% (from 40%), Government Plaza and Diplomatic Quarter reduced to 20% (from 25%)
Unique Districts: Production cost set to 55% of the cost of a standard district (from 50%)

Lumber Mill: +1 production at Ballistics and Synthetic Materials (from Steel and Cybernetics)
Quarry: +1 production at Military Engineering (from Gunpowder), +2 production at Rocketry (from +1 at Rocketry and +1 at Predictive Systems)
Oil Power Plant: unlocked at Refining (from Electricity)
Hanger: reduced cost to 320 production (from 380, standard speed)
Airport: reduced cost to 400 production (from 480, standard speed)


Reyna/Moksha/Pingala: Establish in 4 turns (from 5 turns)


Initiation Rites: producing military units grants 30% of the production value in Faith (from 35%)


Feed the World: Food on shrines reduced to +2 (from +3).  Food on Temples increased to +4 (from +3).

Various reductions in religious unit discount costs to prevent free religious units that were introduced with the prior patch change to Exodus of the Evangelis.

Theocracy: 10% reduction (from 15%)
Holy Order: 25% reduction (from 30%)
Meenakshi Temple / Hagia Sophia: 25% reduction (from 30%)
Exodus of the Evangelis: 20% reduction (from 25%)

Tribal Villages
Relic Reward: the possibility is delayed until turn 15.

Great Zimbabwe: grants two free traders in addition to the trade route capacity

Civilization / Leader Changes

America, Lincoln: Removed the maintenance cost reduction that was previously added

America, Teddy Rough Rider: Combat bonus delayed by 1 era and now starts in Classical (from Ancient)

Byzantium: Dromons – remove +10 combat strength vs units

China, Wu Zetian: Receives a free Spy if one dies or is captured

China, Yongle: Science and Culture per population to 0.7 / 0.5 (from 0.5 / 0.3).  Increased project yields.  Faith and Food to 60% of production (from 50%).  Gold to 150% (from 100%).

Colombia: +1 movement to military units at Political Philosophy (from start of game)

Dutch: Polders no longer have a movement penalty (from 3 movement penalty)

Dutch, Wilhelmina: Campus grants +1 admiral point

Ethiopia, Menelik II: The science and culture bonus from faith conversion bonus now applies to cities settled on hills or resources (from hills only)

Germany, Ludwig: Finished and unfinished Wonders get +1 Culture from each adjacent district (from +2 for finished wonders only)

Greece: Additional Wild Card slot delayed until Early Empire (from Code of Laws)

Inca, Patchacuti: 50% reduction in gold cost to purchase mountain tiles.

India: Varu obsolete at Ballistics (from Combustion)

India, Gandhi: Remove +1 faith per converted city

Khmer, Jayavarman: Holy Sites gain +1 faith adjacency from rivers (from +2)

Korea, Sejong: Culture bonus from unlocking a technology of a new era is now 100% of science per turn (from 200%)

Macedon: Unlock an additional Military Policy card at Political Philosophy

REMOVED – 30% production malus on units and buildings
NEW – 10% global production penalty
CHANGED – Mines grant +2 gold and an additional +2 gold at Banking
CHANGED – Cities on or adjacent to 2 desert tiles provide +2 food
CHANGED – Cities receive +1 faith for each adjacent desert tile
NEW – Desert tiles have +1 food

Suguba – Grants a 10% discount on faith and gold purchases in this city (from 5%).  +1 gold adjacency from Rivers and Oasis (from +2 rivers)

REMOVED – Ocean Start
REMOVED – Free Sailing and Shipbuilding
REMOVED – Units may go into water from the start of game
REMOVED – Free builder/population when settling capital
NEW – now starts on coast
CHANGED – Embarked units gain +2 movement at Shipbuilding (from start of game)

Maori, Kupe: Entirely replaced leader ability with: Settlers may embark at Sailing

Maya: Palace receives an additional +1 housing

Rome, Julius Caesar: Receives a free warrior in the capital at Code of Laws (from no warrior on capital)

Russia: Bonus faith is now given to the capital (from the empire).  +1 Production when settling the capital on Tundra.

Scotland, Robert the Bruce: Removed movement bonus when starting on hills for settlers and scouts

Sumeria: Receives flood protection (the same bonus as Egypt)

Vietnam, Bà Triệu: Units now receive +2 combat strength when fighting in woods, rainforest, or marsh outside their own territory (this reverts the previous nerf)

Not Implemented

Kongo, Mvemba: Fix religion bonus.  Could not get the fix working properly without bugs.

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