Better Balanced Game 5.5.0

Pantheon Change:


Fertility rite: Removed builder

Game Mechanics & General Changes


Canal: Moved to Buttress (from Steam Power)


Pearls: +1 production / +1 faith (from +0/+1)

Tea: +1 food / +1 science (from +0/+1)


When a spy is captured, you gain +1 spy capacity

**This is to offset the big disadvantage of having your spy captured instead of killed in 4v4.


Condemning units no longer reduces religious spread

Passive spread distance increased to 12

**Buffs to religious spread have long been asked for and are finally being implemented

Culture Victory

Great Works of Writing: +4 Tourism (from +2)

Great Works of Art: +6 Tourism (from +4)

Artifacts: +8 Tourism (from +6)

Seaside Resorts: Tourism and gold equal to 200% of appeal (from 100%) and buildable on charming tiles (from breathtaking)

Shopping Mall: +20 Tourism (from +6) and +10 gold / +10 additional gold when powered (from +2/+2)

Arena: +3 Tourism (from +1) and no longer requires conservation

Stadium: +6 Tourism / +15 when powered (from +2/+5)

Ferris Wheel: +6 Tourism (from +2)

Aquatics Center: +6 Tourism for each wonder built in this city on or adjacent to coast (from +2)

Rock Bands:  Potential Album sales results reduced by 20% to be 80% of the previous value.  This lowers one of the multipliers on Rock Bands as they level up.


Digital Democracy: Remove -3 Combat Strength malus.  Additionally add +2 Tourism per specialty district.

Corporate Libertarianism: Remove -10% science malus.  Additionally add +5 Uranium/Aluminum/Oil per turn.

Synthetic Technocracy: Remove -10% tourism malus.  Additionally add +50% production toward Spaceports, Industrial Zones, Campuses, and Harbors, and also buildings inside those districts.


Pikemen: Change production cost to 200 standard speed (from 180)

Pike and Shot: Change production cost to 290 standard speed (from 250)

Civilization / Leader Changes

America: cinema studio nerf tourism output from 50% to 30%

Chandra: removed general points on holy site

Egypt, Cleopatra Ptolemaic:
 Delay culture/food on tiles until Code of Laws (from beginning of game) /

England/France, Eleanor: Adjust yields to +1 on Great Works of Writing & Relics, +2 on Great Works of Art/Artifacts, +4 on Great Works of Music

England, Victoria Age of Steam: Remove +10% production from Workshops (total is now +20% with factory and power plant).  +1 Production on improved Strategic Resources (from unimproved or improved)

France, Catherine Magnificiance: All improved resources receive +1 culture after Craftsmanship.  Resources adjacent to chateaux receive +1 culture.  Resources adjacent to Theater Square receive +1 culture.

Georgia: Tsike gains +1 culture.  Tsike loses 1 faith in Golden Age, it will have 7 faith total in a Golden Age (from 8 faith)

Japan, Tokugawa: +1 gold per district in the domestic destination (from +2 flat Gold)

Khmer: From +2 Food +2 Faith to +1 Food +2 Faith


Extra yields from relics removed.  Artifact and Sculpture yields remain as-is.

  • Mbande:

Remove continent split malus/bonus yields

Archaeologists are 50% cheaper to produce and purchase

+10% culture and gold in cities with a Mbanza (does not stack)

Mbanza provides +2 adjacency to Commercial Hubs and Theater Squares

  • Mvemba: 

Add extra yields from relics as part of Mvemba’s leader ability.  Remove the prior attempt to fix Mvemba’s religious belief ability as it was not properly working.

Norway: +50% Production towards Holy Sites, and receive a standard adjacency bonus from Coast tiles. Harbors receive a major adjacency bonus from Holy Sites. (ability moved from Harald, Konge to Norway)

  • Harald, Varangian: +25% production to Holy Site Buildings.  Stave Church generates +1 influence.  +1 movement to levied units.  +10 Science / +10 Culture per population when converting a city to your religion for the first time using a religious unit. (similar to Fez).

Nubia: Ranged units bonus extended to naval ranged units (quads, frigates, battleships, missile cruisers)

Persia: Immortals revert back to +0CS (from +3CS)

Nader Shah: +5 combat strength when attacking defensible districts and full health units.

Portugal: +50% gold on international trade routes delayed until Cartography (from start of game) +50% science at education and +50% culture at medieval faires on international trade routes

Rome, Julius Caesar: All units get +100% experience.

Scythia: Kurgans gain +2 faith base (from +1).

Spain: No longer receives the split bonus yields on internal traders.  Revert +5 combat strength vs civilizations following other religions (from +3CS)

Remove the extra yields on snow/toundra/desert settle that we added previous patch

Other changes:


  • now gets the Magellan bonus (which is free lux)

Ferdinand Magellan:

  • gets the original Rajendra bonus +3

Francis Drake:

  • is back with the raider and is getting +25% prod toward raider/ranged

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed tourism at flight on improved tiles with culture.  Farms, Camps, Lumber Mills, Quarries, Fishing Boats, Oil Wells, and Offshore Oil Rigs now all receive tourism at Flight. Monasteries from Armagh also receive tourism equal to their faith at Flight.
  • Religious Spread in the beta was accidentally set to 12 tiles, it will be reverted to 10 tiles.  This only affected the beta.
  • Fixed Cleopatra’s yields not working when the tile was pillaged
  • Remove the prior attempted fix for Mvemba’s religious belief ability until it can be made to work correctly.

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