Better Balanced Game 4.3.x

Better Balanced GameĀ 

[Version 4.3.2]

– Update French and Russian language

[Version 4.3.1]

– Update German, Korean and Chinese language

Balanced barbarians script:
– Barbarian camp can’t spawn under 5 tiles range of other barbarian camp
– Number of max camps on the map reduced

[Version 4.3.0]


Russia :
– Don’t get extra production from their unique ability on city center

– Don’t get extra food from their unique ability on city center
– National parc now give only 4 food and 4 production (from 8/8)

– Unique district will now only get +1 culture from other adjacant district (from +2)
– Default movement point for unique unit is 2 (from 3)

– Earth godess pantheon give +1 Faith for each charming tile (from +1 for each breathtaking)
– Audience chamber get only 1 title of governor
– Monarchy give 2 culture for each renaissance wall (insead of 2 diplomatic favor)

Victory Condition :
Following the strong exchange of views between different communities e.g. Diplomatic Victory, we have been working and evaluating the victory conditions.
There is still a lot of work to be done and we will likely share our progress on this in the coming weeks.
If needed, the player can now define their victory conditions more precisely allowing Tournament Organiser to choose the format fitting their community.
In that process we did discover the Firaxis’ developers had dropped their initial “Domination Victory” design, which was the one of previous Civ franchise. We finished the coding for this condition and named it “Territorial Victory” to avoid any confusion. This is purely optional and off by default.

Default parameters are unchanged, Territorial victory is disabled by default (to fit the basegame)

In the base game, regardless of the graphics been used, there are actually 3 different types of barbarian camps : quad camp, cavalry camp, unit camp. They can spawn at 7 tiles of a player city (regardless that another city is in 7 tiles range).
The cavalry camp was a problem in terms of game balance as Saka mounted-archers were slaughtering unprepared players in early game.
Added new “Balanced” barbarian scripts, with the new balanced script, it’s guaranteed that cavalry barbarian camps won’t spawn before turn 15.
It’s also guaranteed that all camps won’t spawn closer than 7 tiles range of any player’s city.
The script has also been balanced to ensure players are experiencing a similar barbarian pressure.
Teamers are also handled.
Lastly, for player wanting a challenge we added a raging barbarians option.


– Great reef barrier campus adjacency won’t stack.