Better Balanced Game 4.0.0

Welcome to the 4.0.0 patch from BBG !

New lead designers, new ways to display patch notes. From now on, we’ll give you more information and analysis about the decision process and the ideas behind changes so you can understand better what has changed and why.

Let’s not lose time and get started !

Religious Mechanics

“Overall, Religious Victory have been very divisive and it has been pretty hard to decide an approach for it. That being said, we still wanted to give it a chance by nerfing it.”

Condemn :

– Now does 100 dmg to units (from 50)
– Affected by religious strength
– All Inquisitor characteristics reverted to base game
Condemn now also reduce loyalty by 15 in your nearby cities (6 range) if they have religion from condemned units as majority religion.
Remove Heresy lowers loyalty by 20 in cities if they are from a different religion, if the unit used is different from an Inquisitor.

Other religious changes : Moksha religious strength changed to 100% (from 50%) (base game)
Itinerant preachers changed to 30% (from 40%) (base game) Crusader changed to +7 (from +5)

Military Policies


“Limes is considered as a problematic card. The fact that siege units are linked with walls it is not very logical and allows siege units to dominate the military metagame because they are more spammable and it is the only card that boosts modern era and information era siege units while being at classical era. We decided to split both mechanics and reduce numbers to ensure siege class is equal to the rest.”

[DELETE] Limes do not boost siege units anymore

3 new cards to boost siege unit production :
– Siegecraft : available at Military Tradition, 50% production towards classical era siege units
– Hard-shell Explosives : available at Medieval Faires, 50% towards siege units from renaissance era included
– Trench Warfare : available at Scorched Earth, 50% towards all siege units

Naval military cards
Fixed a bug where Jongs were receiving additional invisible production from the naval military cards

Civilizations :


“Dromons were mistakenly targeted as a problematic feature of Byzantium. It was not, so Dromons will be reverted to base game. That being said, we keep our eye on Byzantium as it is felt as too oppressive, especially at Tagma timing. We’ll keep our eye on it.”

Dromons get +10 against naval units (base game)


“Considered one of the best civs in the game at the moment, China is completely overshadowing every cultural civilization by the simplicity of its gameplay and the free stats it gets. We decided to nerf it to ensure the snowball is less powerful so you feel like you can have an edge to attack him.”

Dynastic Cycle trait on wonders give now only one food and one production (gave one for all yields beforehand)


Ethiopia and Russia (we’ll talk about the latter later) create faith too easily in early game, so we tone them down.”
Ethiopia’s Aksumite Legacy trait now only gives 1 faith on improved resources (was 1 faith on all resources beforehand)


“Two versions of France are problematic right now. First is Black Queen that has been too god for ages, being too oppressive from the start with her extra level of diplomatic visibility, so we are going to make it available at Political Philosophy so you can feel like you have an edge very early against Catherine de Medici.
The second version, Catherine Magnificent, is not suited for teamer games and pro play at the moment. We are just going to gut it until we find a better idea.”

Catherine’s Flying Squadron trait now unlocks the level of diplomatic visibility at Political Philosophy (from turn 1)
Catherine’s Magnificences’ trait Court Festival project unlocked at Medieval Faires (from Drama and Poetry), and gives now 40 culture and tourism per copy of luxury (from 25)


“Buffing back its walls. We love georgian walls.”

Tsikhes give now 4 faith and 4 tourism (from 3 each)


“The main issue with Toqui, Mapuche’s ability, is that the bonus on golden age applies literally on everything, and so it makes everything easier, even basic defense. This is not something we want, so we are going to take out some of it so you feel better about attacking a Mapuche in golden age if you feel you have an edge.”

[DELETE] Mapuche’s Toqui trait is not giving +5 for attack from cities’ walls anymore.


“The moment people have waited for Russia for ages.

Russia’s ability to create faith in early game is unparalleled, so it is extremely hard to stop a Russia who is able to use his first monumentality to sim as it creates more and more faith until a point where it is almost unstoppable. We are removing faith from its passive so it does not snowball from turn one, but to ensure Russia still has an edge in religion, we give it one faith at start. We will continue to monitor Russia very closely to see its evolution.”

[DELETE] Russia’s Mother Russia trait does not give faith per tundra tile anymore, but border expansion reverted to base game 8 tiles (from 2)
[NEW] Russia gets one free faith in its capital.



“Barbs too oppressive with two range quadriremes. But Byzantium keeps its two range dromons.”
Quadriremes reverted to 1 range (from 2)

Additional Changes
– Dance of the aurora reverted to base game (tundra hills give faith adj)
– German translations removed
– XP changes to encampment, harbor, and aerodome buildings reverted to base game (+25% again instead of +50% from 3.17.x)
– Gran Columbia Commandantes extra movement removed again (was added back in 3.17.x after firaxis removed it)
– England’s Great Admiral points from Royal Navy Dockyard reduced to 1 (from 2)